CCEF Partner Programs

Charge Ahead Loan Program

Colorado Clean Energy Fund is partnering with Charge Ahead Colorado to provide the Charge Ahead Loan to successful grant applicants, to finance full project costs or to bridge the gap between equipment purchase + installation and the receipt of reimbursable grant funds.

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) administers the Charge Ahead Colorado electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure grant program. Grants are available for community-based Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations. Program objectives include improving air quality, encouraging deployment of EVs across the state, and supporting implementation of the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan.

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CCEF LED Lighting Loan

Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) is partnering with the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) to provide a fast solution for borrowers seeking LED lighting upgrades.

When considering energy efficiency upgrades in commercial buildings, LED Lighting upgrades are a highly cost effective measure with project payback averaging around 2 years. The CCEF LED Lighting Loan offers low interest rates for short term funding and fills a financing gap for small businesses and tax exempt organizations implementing LED lighting retrofit projects.

These terms are available immediately, but for a limited time! Reach out today to learn more.

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Cannabis Resource Optimization Program (CROP)

Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) is partnering with the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) to support their Cannabis Resource Optimization Program (CROP).

The program is designed to provide eligible cannabis cultivation businesses with no-cost technical assistance, including a facility audit and analysis of previous resource use, to better understand energy and water use and identify cost-effective resource management opportunities. CCEF and a partner lending institution will assist in financing to help program participants implement efficiency measures.

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On-Bill Repayment: Norwood Pinion Park

Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has developed an On-Bill Repayment Program (OBR) that will support energy upgrades being made to the Norwood Pinion Park Development in Norwood, CO.

On-Bill Repayment is a mechanism by which utility customers can receive a clean energy installation at no upfront cost and pay via a voluntary tariff on their utility bill. This does not qualify as a loan, rather it is considered a utility service received by a customer and paid back over time. This mechanism eliminates certain underwriting criteria that often may disqualify customers and avoids an additional debt burden. Residents of the Norwood Pinion Park Development will get the benefit of rooftop solar PV and heat pumps via the CCEF OBR program.

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Solar Equity Loan (SEL)

Colorado Clean Energy Fund is collaborating with Solar United Neighbors (SUN) to support SUN’s Colorado-based Solar Co-op programs to provide a Solar Equity Loan (SEL) product. CCEF is able to assist participating Solar Co-op homeowners with low-cost financing for rooftop solar.

Homeowners in participating counties that are earning less than 100% of the area median income are eligible

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We Can’t Do This On Our Own

Partnerships are crucial to our success; we can’t do this on our own. Climate change is a challenge that requires a network of partners – and we are incredibly grateful for ours. If you would like to partner with Colorado Clean Energy Fund and make positive impacts on climate change while improving the lives of Coloradoans, we’d love to speak with you!

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