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Project Spotlights

CCEF is proud to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for homes and businesses. Check out our Project Spotlights below to learn more!

Foothills Art Center

April 29, 2024||

This project includes major renovations to two inefficient historic buildings with multiple clean energy measures, including clean energy generation through solar, insulation, new windows, LED lighting, and heat pump HVAC units.

Cañon City Lanes

January 25, 2024||

The owners of Cañon City Lanes secured a Clean Conversion Loan through CCEF for a 140-panel rooftop solar array system, which will produce 110% of current electricity usage and has projected bill savings of $18,703 in the first year of operation.

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RENU: Solar System for Vincent Varughese

December 19, 2023||

James Ladtkow hadn’t paid for electricity on his primary home in three years. In time, he realized he was getting a lot of solar radiation on his family’s winter vacation home, too. “I thought, ‘Why not generate [electricity] in the summer and use that credit in the winter?’”

RENU: Geothermal Heat Pump for Elisabeth Evans

October 31, 2023||

The furnace in Elisabeth “Liz” Evans’ home was over 20 years old; she had no air conditioning unit installed and summers were becoming increasingly hot. After many consultations with contractors and extensive research, Liz decided to have a ground source heat pump installed in her Denver, CO home

Ancient Echoes

October 31, 2023||

CCEF helped finance a 28 kW solar PV system for Ancient Echoes at Kelly Place, a southwestern sanctuary in the McElmo canyon of Colorado.

Carbonate Street Apartments

September 26, 2023||

The Carbonate Street Apartments is a 60-unit all-electric affordable housing development in Buena Vista, CO. CCEF provided $1.7 million in bridge financing to make these all-electric apartment units possible.

Studio Arts Boulder

August 10, 2023||

With financing from CCEF, Studio Arts Boulder was able to implement clean energy measures including solar PV; EV charging; geothermal piping and drilling; ground source heat pumps; and energy recovery ventilation on a new 12,000 square foot community art education center.

The Loveland Housing Authority Project

July 17, 2023||

Loveland Housing Authority saved approximately $300,000 upfront by financing their all-electric units with help from CCEF. By playing to LHA’s tradition of efficiency and environmental protection, going all-electric means creating units that are more efficient and economically friendly than the current market rate.

Price Farms Solar Array

May 11, 2023||

With the mission to become more energy efficient, Price Farms is producing quality crops with the use of solar arrays to run the farm’s systems and lower the cost of electricity.

C-PACE: Highlands Place II

April 27, 2023||

Highlands Place II is a three-story, mixed-use office building built in 1984, consisting of almost 150,000 square feet. The project was a great candidate for C-PACE and consisted of LED lighting upgrades and HVAC system controls.

Fuel & Iron Food Hall

March 22, 2023||

CCEF funded the development of Fuel Kitchens, an incubator commissary kitchen in Pueblo, CO that includes a mass release cold/dry storage warehouse members can rent out. The project includes solar energy and electric kitchen equipment.

Norwood Ace Hardware

February 19, 2023||

Small business loans are not always easy to secure. For Tom Mortell, owner of Ace Hardware in Norwood, Colorado, this rang true when it came to financing a solar array for the hardware store’s new location on Grand Avenue.

HION Electric Vehicle Charging

January 24, 2023||

The HiON EV project is comprised of twelve Level 3 dual-port electric vehicle charging stations. Each station will provide public and universal access for EV drivers throughout three high-traffic areas in Colorado.

Ute Mountain Micro-Hydro Power Plant

December 16, 2022||

CCEF funded an agricultural irrigation project for the Ute Mountain Ute Farm & Ranch Enterprise, utilizing renewable energy-producing, micro-hydro technology that will offset a material amount of operating costs for the tribe.

Globeville Project Spotlight

November 14, 2022||

CCEF is providing $1 million in predevelopment funds for a proposed redevelopment site at 4995 Washington, creating energy efficiency for a 200-unit Affordable Housing building and two inward-focused oases from the area’s legacy of environmental burdens.

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