Tax-Exempt Lease Purchase (TELP)

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Colorado Clean Energy Fund is partnering with Saulsbury Hill Financial to provide Tax-Exempt Lease Purchase (TELP) financing to municipal entities and special districts to help finance clean energy equipment up to 100% of project costs. The TELP financing structure can incorporate direct payment from the IRS for qualifying clean energy projects using the new Section 6417 rules under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

This financing structure allows borrowers to own their energy systems with no upfront costs and beneficial terms.

Click here to access our TELP flyer to get more details.

TELP Financing Structure

Own Your System: Versus a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Net cost of capital can be <3%: Using IRA’s Section 6417 Direct Pay Model

Project Size: $200,000 and above

Easier to Implement than a PPA: Statutory Authority in all 50 states

Tax Exempt Financing: Pre-approved by statute in your state

Receive a no-cost/no-obligation quote: Contact us at [email protected]

Here’s the Process:

  • Visit the CCEF website and click on Submit a Project.

  • Complete the Project Intake Form and attach any additional information.

  • CCEF will set up an initial call or Zoom to provide more information about the TELP opportunity.

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