Energy Project Accelerator Loan (Energy PAL)

Energy PAL is a statewide, short-term loan program intended to fill finance gaps for small businesses and tax exempt organizations implementing renewable energy, energy efficiency and building electrification projects.

CCEF Energy Project Accelerator Loan

(Energy PAL)

Loan Amount: Up to $500,000

Term: 2-10 years

Rate: Below market rates, dependent on term

Repayment: Monthly Principal + Interest Payments

Security: Secured by UCC-1 filing

Speed: Access to funding within weeks of application submission

Here’s the Process:

  • Click on Submit a Project and complete CCEF Project Intake Form.

  • CCEF will supply loan application packet, Application Checklist, and Closing Checklist.

  • Applicant will review loan applications and checklists, submitting completed loan packet when ready.

  • CCEF will begin the underwriting process upon receipt of the completed loan application packet.

  • Closing documents will be provided for review and signature.
What Can Be Financed?
  • Improvements that result in reduced utility costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased electrification and/or electrification readiness including:
    • Renewable energy systems: solar PV, micro hydro, battery storage
    • HVAC systems, heat pumps and heat pump water heaters
    • LED lighting and controls
    • EV charging infrastructure
    • Improvements to building envelope: air sealing and insulation, windows, doors

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