Colorado RENU Loan

About the Program

CCEF’s Residential Energy Upgrade loan program, known simply as “RENU,” features no money down and below-market interest rates, with financing available for upgrades such as solar panels, heat pumps, energy-efficient windows and doors, and air sealing and insulation.

Loan Amount: Up to $75,000

Term: Up to 20 years; no money down

Rate: Low, fixed interest rate

Repayment: Monthly principal and interest payments; no prepayment penalties

Security: Secured by UCC-1 filing on installed measures only; no lien placed on property

Speed: Financing approvals generally within several business days

What Can You Finance?

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Solar PV

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Space Heating & Cooling

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Battery Storage

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EV Charging

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Insulation & Air Sealing

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Water Heating

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Windows & Doors

Who is Eligible for RENU?


Property owners of existing, single-family homes in Colorado including primary, secondary or income properties, as well as townhomes and condos that don’t have shared heating or cooling systems.

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Contractors & Developers

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Reach new customers and sell larger, more comprehensive home energy performance projects.

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Be affiliated with a trustworthy, longstanding energy loan program at no cost to participate.

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Benefit from CCEF-led marketing of the RENU loan.

Become an Authorized Contractor

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Resources for Authorized Contractors

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