What Does It Mean To Electrify Your Home?

Electrifying your home means transitioning to an all-electric home that relies on electricity rather than fossil fuels for energy needs. This includes using electricity for heating, cooling, cooking, and powering appliances and devices (as opposed to coal or natural gas).

Advantages of an Electrified House

There are several benefits to electrifying your home, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy bills, and increased energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, electrifying your home can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50%. This is because electricity is a cleaner and more efficient energy source than fossil fuels, which emit harmful pollutants and greenhouse gasses when burned.

Here in Colorado, electrifying your home does a lot for the environment. The Colorado Sierra Club reports that “buildings emit 38% of Colorado’s climate emissions and are the largest gas consumer in the state.” By switching from natural gas to electricity, you can make a meaningful contribution to a cleaner future for Colorado.

The benefits of electrification also come back to you personally, in the form of potential savings on energy bills. Electric appliances and systems are often more energy efficient than their fossil fuel counterparts, meaning they use less energy to operate and can result in lower utility costs. In addition, electric rates are often lower than gas rates, with the potential to further reduce your energy expenses.

How To Electrify Your Home

Some steps you can take to electrify your home include:

  • Installing electric heating and cooling systems: Replacing your gas furnace or oil boiler with an electric heat pump can significantly reduce your energy costs and emissions.
  • Using electric appliances: Switching to electric appliances such as stoves, ovens, and clothes dryers can also help to reduce your energy use and costs.
  • Installing solar panels: A great way to use clean energy at home, solar panels can help offset your electricity use and reduce your reliance on the grid.

Electrifying your home can seem like a daunting project, but with the many benefits and potential cost savings, it’s a worthy investment in a more sustainable and energy efficient future. If you’re considering electrifying your home, but are finding the up-front costs to be a barrier, we are here to help!

At the Colorado Clean Energy Fund, we support Coloradoans in their efforts to transition to clean energy. We use the tools we have as a green bank to break down the financial barriers that inhibit access to clean energy for communities across the state. Learn about our residential programs here to see how we can help you upgrade your home for energy efficiency.


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