As we pivot toward a more sustainable future, business owners have a crucial role in helping to transition our cities and towns towards clean and efficient energy use. That’s why it’s important for business owners to understand the costs and benefits of clean energy for businesses and how commercial clean energy financing options can provide valuable assistance.

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Trends in Clean Energy Costs for Businesses

In recent years, the commercial sector has witnessed a significant downward trend in clean energy costs, driven largely by technological advancements and increased market competitiveness. Solar and wind power costs in particular have plummeted, making renewable energy more affordable for commercial use and encouraging a broader adoption of sustainable practices. This trend is expected to continue as technologies evolve and economies of scale are achieved in the production of renewable energy equipment and energy efficiency technologies.

How Business Owners Can Finance Clean Energy Updates

While the trend toward affordability is clear, the initial investment in clean energy technologies can still be a hurdle for many businesses. This is where innovative financing options come into play. These include:

  • Government grants and incentives: Many local governments offer grants, tax credits, and rebates to encourage businesses to invest in clean energy. These incentives can significantly reduce the upfront cost of installing renewable energy systems or making energy-efficient upgrades. For instance, the U.S. federal government offers Investment Tax Credits (ITC) for solar energy systems.
  • Power purchase agreements (PPAs): Under a PPA, a business agrees to purchase electricity generated by a renewable energy system (often solar) that is located on its property but owned by a third-party developer. This arrangement allows businesses to benefit from clean energy without the capital expenditure of owning the system.
  • Energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs): ESPCs allow businesses to finance energy upgrades through future energy savings. A third-party company typically covers the upfront costs of energy-efficient installations, and the business repays this investment over time with the money saved from reduced energy bills.
  • Green bank loans: These are specialized loans offered by green banks, institutions specifically designed to facilitate financing in renewable energy, energy efficiency and beneficial electrification projects. They offer more favorable terms compared to traditional bank loans, such as lower interest rates and longer loan terms, making them an attractive option for businesses. Here at the Colorado Clean Energy Fund, we offer commercial loan programs specifically designed to make commercial clean energy projects affordable and accessible.

With the trend of decreasing costs and the availability of tailored financing options like green bank loans, adopting clean energy and efficiency technologies is more accessible than ever. Business owners stand to benefit from long-term cost savings and an enhanced brand image by contributing positively to a sustainable future. Start today!

Here at the Colorado Clean Energy Fund, we support Coloradoans in their efforts to transition to clean energy. We use the tools we have as a green bank to break down the financial barriers that inhibit access to clean energy for communities across the state. Explore our products and programs here to see how we can help you.