As summer heat waves, winter storms, and extreme weather events wrack Colorado, the rest of the United States, and the world, it is increasingly clear that climate change is impacting us all now. It is imperative that we take immediate action to combat climate change. Yet sometimes, that action can seem out of reach.

How can we — as people made small by the vastness of our world, its systems, and its problems — affect real change and meaningful impact?

In small, everyday steps. With persistence, and with hope.

Today, we’ll explore the small step of energy efficiency and the hope it can give us for a sustainable present and sustained future.

What Is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency refers to the method of reducing energy consumption by using less energy to achieve the same level of performance or output. In essence, it’s about doing more with less. Energy efficiency is achieved through adopting energy-efficient technologies, improving energy management practices, and changing the way we behave as energy consumers.

Why Is Energy Efficiency Important?

Energy efficiency is a crucial tool against climate change. The benefits of energy efficiency also extend to individuals and organizations, too. Energy efficiency can help with:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: Energy production — particularly from fossil fuels — contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. By increasing energy efficiency, we can decrease the amount of energy required, thereby reducing these emissions.
  • Sustainable resource management: Energy efficiency promotes the sustainable use of resources, helping to ensure their availability for future generations.
  • Economic savings: Energy efficiency can result in significant cost savings for both individuals and businesses, thanks to lower energy bills.

Embracing Energy Efficiency for a Sustainable Lifestyle

How can we as individuals contribute to energy efficiency?

  • Energy efficient homes and technology: Smart thermostats, LED lighting, and energy-efficient appliances can drastically reduce home energy usage. As a homeowner or business owner, you can also switch to a heat pump system for HVAC, or implement clean energy with solar panels. Find out how we can help Coloradoans finance energy-efficient changes here.
  • Energy audits: Professional energy audits can identify opportunities for energy savings in your home or business.
  • Sustainable transportation: Consider electric vehicles or public transportation to decrease carbon emissions.

Adopting energy efficiency trends not only promotes a sustainable lifestyle, but also contributes to a healthier environment. It’s a way to do your part toward large-scale change, and to invest in the natural beauty of your home state.

Here at the Colorado Clean Energy Fund, we support Coloradoans in their efforts to transition to clean energy. We use the tools we have as a green bank to break down the financial barriers that inhibit access to clean energy for communities across the state. Explore our products and programs here to see how we can help you