Aïda Tidjani

Aïda supports commercial Clean Energy projects at CCEF as a Clean Energy Specialist. Before joining CCEF, Aïda worked for the Clean Energy Credit Union specializing [...]

2024-02-09T16:36:19-07:00November 6, 2023|

Colorado Clean Diesel Program

Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) is partnering with Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER), a Carbondale-based nonprofit, to support CLEER's Colorado Clean Diesel Program [...]

2023-01-30T21:05:21-07:00January 30, 2023|

Charge Ahead Colorado

Colorado Clean Energy Fund is partnering with Charge Ahead Colorado to provide loans to successful applicants, to bridge the gap between equipment purchase and receipt [...]

2023-01-30T21:07:44-07:00January 25, 2023|

Nabeeha Kazmi

Nabeeha supports CCEF’s residential programming, specifically the RENU Loan program in which she drives program management and business development efforts. Growing up, Nabeeha has always [...]

2023-01-24T14:26:50-07:00January 24, 2023|

Allie Madden

Allie spearheads CCEF’s digital media and marketing efforts, external communications, and community engagement. As an expert in nonprofit marketing, Allie leverages social media, newsletters, webinars [...]

2022-11-10T13:44:32-07:00November 7, 2022|

Jeff King

Jeff manages CCEF's Residential programs, including the long-running Colorado RENU program. Prior to joining CCEF, Jeff was the Senior Finance Programs Manager at the Colorado [...]

2023-01-24T13:26:27-07:00September 17, 2022|

Emily Richardson

In addition to her work in D.C., Emily has completed consulting projects for the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) of Connecticut, Schneider Electric, and Portland [...]

2022-11-10T13:43:59-07:00September 17, 2022|
  • Heather Braithwaite

Heather Braithwaite

Heather is CCEF’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO). Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay and it’s surrounding rivers and bays, Heather became deeply connected to nature. That connection created her drive to protect the environment through capital deployment for clean energy projects for over a decade.

2022-08-31T18:58:16-06:00August 31, 2022|
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