Aïda Tidjani

Aïda supports commercial Clean Energy projects at CCEF as a Clean Energy Specialist. Before joining CCEF, Aïda worked for the Clean Energy Credit Union specializing [...]

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Colorado Clean Diesel Program

Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) is partnering with Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER), a Carbondale-based nonprofit, to support CLEER's Colorado Clean Diesel Program [...]

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Charge Ahead Colorado

Colorado Clean Energy Fund is partnering with Charge Ahead Colorado to provide loans to successful applicants, to bridge the gap between equipment purchase and receipt [...]

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Nabeeha Kazmi

Nabeeha supports CCEF’s residential programming, specifically the RENU Loan program in which she drives program management and business development efforts. Growing up, Nabeeha has always [...]

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Allie Madden

Allie spearheads CCEF’s digital media and marketing efforts, external communications, and community engagement. As an expert in nonprofit marketing, Allie leverages social media, newsletters, webinars [...]

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Katharine Rushton

As CCEF’s Commercial Business Director, Katharine advances the adoption of clean energy technologies by connecting project developers with appropriate finance solutions. Katharine has been involved [...]

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Jeff King

Jeff manages CCEF's Residential programs, including the long-running Colorado RENU program. Prior to joining CCEF, Jeff was the Senior Finance Programs Manager at the Colorado [...]

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Emily Richardson

In addition to her work in D.C., Emily has completed consulting projects for the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) of Connecticut, Schneider Electric, and Portland [...]

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