Colorado RENU Provides Easy Access to Energy Upgrades for Homeowners and Contractors (Sometimes Simultaneously)


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About the Project

Laura and Robert Moreno of Denver know energy efficiency. As the owners of Simple Home Energy Solutions, their home performance contracting company specializes in whole house weatherization and energy efficient upgrades. They’ve been serving Colorado homeowners since 2012 and frequently direct their customers to the Colorado Residential Energy Upgrade (RENU) Loan program. Colorado RENU provides Colorado homeowners with easy and affordable options to achieve energy upgrades by offering low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements.

The Morenos knew the RENU program well when they bought their first home together in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver in early May 2022. “Our home was full of charm and lovely the day we bought it, but being contractors in the home performance industry here in Denver since 2012, we knew it needed significant upgrades to meet our standards of home efficiency and overall comfort,” shared Laura Moreno.

Their home was built in 1900 and at the time that they purchased the home in 2022, mostly all of the original plumbing, wiring, windows, and insulation remained. “We knew it was in need of a pretty significant overhaul. When looking at the scope of the project we had an “Ah Ha” moment when we realized we were the perfect candidates to utilize a program we have been offering to our own customers for years; the Colorado RENU Loan program,” added Moreno. “The loan process was very simple and the qualifying improvements were clearly outlined. We qualified for several of the needed measures to upgrade our home including new windows, new energy efficient appliances, a new tankless water heater and extensive insulation and efficiency upgrades.”

“While we still have some settling to do in our new home, it feels amazing to be in a home with so much comfort and efficiency. We highly recommend taking advantage of the RENU program and will continue to advocate its ease and benefits to our customers across Colorado.”

– Laura Moreno

About the RENU Program

The Colorado RENU program has been actively running since December 2017, supporting thousands of Coloradoans across the state in making energy improvements on their home. In 2022, the program migrated from the Colorado Energy Office to the Colorado Clean Energy Fund; a climate-first impact investment fund that focused on creating a healthier and more resilient Colorado by expanding access to capital to underserved projects and communities. Colorado Clean Energy Fund will be expanding the loan program to allow for new energy measures to be covered, including EV charging, battery storage, and much more.

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